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Recap of #SocialMitten for 2016


Recap of the 2016 Social Mitten, Michigan’s Largest Social Media Conference!


I feel so legit.

I feel so legit.

As always, Social Mitten was a great time. Last year when it was in Grand Rapids, it required me leaving at 4 AM to get there i time since I was unable to go the night before. Thankfully KeKe went with me so I wasn’t making the drive across the state alone. Every time I go to Grand Rapids I have someone new with me, but it leads to great adventures as each person knows different things about the city. KeKe knew this great pizza and sub shop in town so we went and ate there and they even had gluten free offerings!






Further proof we are #twinsies, Jon.

Further proof we are #twinsies, Jon.

But anyway, this year it was in my backyard, in Ann Arbor at Crisler Arena. Not only that, this year I worked for Social Mitten instead of just attending as a guest of SMAMi (Social Media Association of Michigan). It was great! The speakers and I shared tales of conference presentations gone wrong and how we recovered, talked about our favorite places to visit, compared tech and Jon Beebe and I had a nerd-off over Star Wars and 300 baud modems.





Yes, we really are that big of nerds.

But in addition to hanging with the speakers all day and getting awesome shots of Where The Magic Happens behind the scenes on international brands like GM, Universal Studios, Microsoft, AT&T, Sony and more, I picked up some great information to use in social media, in presentation design and in my regular life.



Words to live by.


While all the speakers were absolutely amazing, Charlie Woolborg of Curve Detroit and Jon Beebe of GM were the most dynamic speakers. Jeff had joked to Jon about spending 30 hours on each slide of his presentation and I scoffed. Surely nobody spends that amount of time on one slide, even with all the bells and whistles. I’ve spent many hours on a slide before, especially with complex animation, but 30? He must jest.

He did not jest.

Jon’s slides were full of rich animation and it was almost like watching a narrated movie with teachable moments hidden in.


Since he was an afternoon speaker, his energy kept us awake and engaged, even those of us who had been at the venue extra early to finish setting up and preparing and doing things like blowing $#!+ up. Literally. The signage for the restrooms was highlighted by poop emoji balloons. Would you expect less from a social media conference? 🙂


Best signage ever. But what Instagram filter does one use for poo?

Best signage ever. But what Instagram filter does one use for poo?

I can’t wait for next year, even though it will be in enemy territory in Lansing. But already the speakers include Jay Baer and Scott Monty so I’m very excited! Head to www.socialmitten.com for info on how to pre-register. The date is Friday, September 22, 2017. See you there I hope!


Where the magic happens, the McD Hub.

Where the magic happens, the McD Hub.











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