Parenting in the Age of Social Media


It’s hard for social media professionals to keep up with all the apps and trends, so how can a parent not only keep up with them all but also find out what their teenager is doing?It used to be simple. MySpace, Facebook and Twitter were the Big Three of social media. Then came Pinterest and Instragram and SnapChat and Vine and… well, the list goes on. But does not being able to keep up with all of this mean a parent is not responsible? How do you find your child’s online footprint? Can they really learn their schoolwork online or is it just a way to goof around while pretending to do homework? Do they understand the reality of the internet and the global reach of it? Are you, as a parent, practicing proper social media etiquette or are you unintentionally being a bad example?

Soon all these questions and any others you have will be answered! Lawful Evil Media is putting together a seminar directed toward parents of teenagers (Date: TBD, Location: Southeastern Michigan/possibly Downriver, based on need). In it we will cover what social media actually is, how to use some of the newest apps and how to find and keep up with your child’s activity. The seminar will also cover how to teach your child about responsible online behavior and how to be a good example to them.

If you are interested in the seminar or you have questions you would like answered during one, please comment here to let me know!