I do all sorts of media, including social media marketing, Public Relations, public speaking, interactive navigation for websites, Flash animations, video and sound editing, copy proofing and more! I work with professional photographers and professional filmmakers to give your media a polished and professional look that makes your audience feel confident in what you have to offer.


The term Social Media refers to the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue. What does this mean for you?

I like to think of traditional media as calling a person and getting their voice mail. You leave a message, they hear the message and choose to ignore it or act upon it. However social media is actually getting them on the phone when you call. You can interact with them and even if at first they aren’t entirely receptive of your message, you can tailor it to show how you can help them meet their needs. It has the ability to become more personal, but you have to be willing to deviate from the script.

Not only can I incorporate social media into your marketing campaign, I can teach you how to do it effectively. I’ve done presentations at several large companies on how to use social media to build and maintain relationships with customers. I have been using social media since the early 1990s when computers interacted on a BBS, and you can benefit from my years of experience! Recently I have live-tweeted on behalf of the Social Media Association of Michigan and am a frequent contributor in their biweekly tweet-chats as well as a host for some of their in-person events. I have also been a guest blogger for ITinTheD.


I have experience in film and act as a producer, PR point person, actor and director for Star Trek: Osiris, an online webseries that has received national attention. I have a film company called Fangirl Films. I have also done video available at Put Me In Star Wars.

Here is some video editing I’ve done:



I’ve also done Flash animations, put together full PR packets for films and small businesses, done marketing campaigns and even created interactive PDF portfolios. (An example of one is here:

I have also created infographics for clients. Here are some infographic-styled resumes I’ve done:

Resume, November 2014

Infographic Resume

Infographic Resumes