Marketers: How To Combat Content Fatigue Over the Holidays

Marketers: How To Combat Content Fatigue Over the Holidays

A friend who is also in a content development field once told me: We’re so conditioned to drown that when we aren’t, we feel like there is something missing.

That simple sentence resonated with me and made me stop for a moment to question what was so very important taking place within my phone that was more important than the reality in front of me.

And then I got a Twitter notification and went back to my phone.

My days consist of data input overload from every angle. I’m often multitasking, doing something on my phone while in the middle of something on the PC and possibly on a conference call waiting for my turn to update on a project, all at the same time. Sound familiar? It’s the life most of us lead now, whether we’re in the media industry or not.

With the holidays upon us, people are trying to carve out more time for family and friends. So that leaves your content fighting even harder in the melee arena of customer attention spans, pitting your blog post against a gladitorial white paper and a news article that’s been the reigning champion for the past several eight-second-long matches.

So how do you stand out, especially during this time of year?

Be shiny. Make your posts sparkle and look festive. Sure, everyone else is, but in contrast, you don’t want to be the one darker hole in the content everyone is scanning.

Be interesting. You know your brand voice, so use it in every format you can. Surveys, Podcasts, video tutorials, infographics (everyone knows how much I love a fancy infographic!), quizzes, whatever other powerful took you can leverage to mix it up and make your message a multimedia extravaganza!

Acknowledge the holiday season. Sure, you can carry on with business as usual, but at this time of year you want to make sure that to a degree, you go with the flow. This is not the proper time to make an attempt to be an industry disruptor in your message.

Don’t get mushy. Over the holidays, people tend to want to veer toward the nostalgic, the feel-good message and the fluff. But when you de-fluff the message, all that is left is the quality content. Go ahead and wish your audience good tidings for the season, but don’t gloss the entire thing over with a warm fuzzy feeling.

Be on point. Don’t meander off the core message. Especially when dealing with reality as opposed to just other messages, you need to get in, leave your message and get out quickly. Be like Santa. Zero in on what you want to leave the audience members and be gone before you know it.

Stay on point. Develop a theme list for your content through this time. You should have one already, just make it tighter to avoid any topic dilution.

Check what’s worked. Look what has had the most engagement in the past few months and focus on the high points. Be it a specific day/time, a type of format (video, blog, infographic, etc) or a message, stick to the high points.

Instead of thinking of it as a one-size-fits-all holiday promo, focus on your core customers and provide something that is of interest and use to them. The more targeted and personalized the message, the more they will be likely to take you up on whatever you offer. In turn, they will be more likely to share it with their own network and that will drive word of mouth and boost subscribers.