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The Continuum: A Sci-Fi, Science, Gaming and Literary convention needs help!

Interested in helping with the 2017 Continuum (previously ConClave)? The next planning meeting is November 5, 2017.

New Logo for CAMCA!

The new logo for the Colorado Association for Municipal Court Administration!

I’m very (p)interesting…

I’ve finally started populating my Pinterest with samples of my work. They’re now available on my board at: http://www.pinterest.com/lawfulevilmedia/my-design-work/ I have to admit, majority of what I use Pinterest for is personal. I don’t generally do a massive amount with it business-wise, which I know sounds strange for a designer, but that may be because … Continue reading »

Geeks With Scissors logo

  Geeks With Scissors is an Etsy store that sells fandom crafts. From 4th Doctor scarves to Jayne hats to even tribbles, you can find just about anything you want fandom-wise from their store!

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graphics, photo retouching, instructional design, branding, logos, packaging, menus, flier, brochures and more!

Web Design

Wordpress, usability/UX, analytics, HTML, CSS, wikis, forums, banner ads and more!

Media Work

social media management, PR packets, video editing, sound editing, tie-in promotions, digital publishing and more!