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Chatbots, Livestreaming and Trust: Expected State of Social in 2017

It seems every new platform requires a new set of skills that I need to learn. I work my day job come home rack my brain in front of the computer and still try to be a husband and a father… All I Want for Christmas Is to shorten the learning curve. This post appeared … Continue reading »

The Continuum: A Sci-Fi, Science, Gaming and Literary convention needs help!

Interested in helping with the 2017 Continuum (previously ConClave)? The next planning meeting is November 5, 2017.

New Logo for CAMCA!

The new logo for the Colorado Association for Municipal Court Administration!

Recap of #SocialMitten for 2016

Recap of the 2016 Social Mitten, Michigan’s Largest Social Media Conference!

Grief, support and the job search

Dealing with loss of a loved one during a job search.

Getting Social: Newcomer’s guide to Social Media vs Social Networking

Happy Social Media Day! How are you celebrating? Me? I’m doing another blog post, this time to explain the terms Social Media and Social Network.

New video edit!

Lawful Evil Media edited a video for Put Me In Star Wars and the Star Wars Fan Film awards contest. Because what’s more fun than making movies and playing in Premiere Pro CS6? Not a whole lot! Check out the video below…

I’m very (p)interesting…

I’ve finally started populating my Pinterest with samples of my work. They’re now available on my board at: http://www.pinterest.com/lawfulevilmedia/my-design-work/ I have to admit, majority of what I use Pinterest for is personal. I don’t generally do a massive amount with it business-wise, which I know sounds strange for a designer, but that may be because … Continue reading »

How To: Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile

One of the best things about LinkedIn is that it’s not Facebook. So why are people using it as Facebook-But-For-Jobs?

Parenting in the Age of Social Media

It’s hard for social media professionals to keep up with all the apps and trends, so how can a parent not only keep up with them all but also find out what their teenager is doing?

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