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The Continuum: A Sci-Fi, Science, Gaming and Literary convention needs help!


Interested in helping with the 2017 Continuum (previously ConClave)? The next planning meeting is November 5, 2017. Continue reading »

Welcome to Lawful Evil Media!

What does Lawful Evil mean? Simply put, it means we aren’t afraid to twist the rules to suit our purposes, especially when it comes to designing for our clients. After all, why be safe and boring when you can be Lawful Evil?

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For a quote on a project, please email contact@lawfulevilmedia.com stating your needs and time frame requested and we'll be glad to get back to you! Be sure to include your contact information.

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graphics, photo retouching, instructional design, branding, logos, packaging, menus, flier, brochures and more!

Web Design

Wordpress, usability/UX, analytics, HTML, CSS, wikis, forums, banner ads and more!

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social media management, PR packets, video editing, sound editing, tie-in promotions, digital publishing and more!